Lodi: The Mark of Wholesomeness
Lodi (territory)
Lodi’s traditional Pannerone cheese.Lodi’s traditional Raspadüra cheese.

Lodi: The Mark of Wholesomeness

“Lodigiano Terra Buona” is the mark branded by the Province of Lodi to identify the products of the area and guarantee their high standards in terms of quality and safety, first and foremost the cheeses, namely Pannerone and Raspadüra.

Lodigiano, a reliable brand mark
“Lodigiano Terra Buona” is the brand mark for the produce of the province of Lodi, in Lombardy. The brand mark was the result of a project that involved the whole supply chain and the elements concurring in the definition of quality: environmental consciousness, animal welfare, product healthiness and traceability. The aim of the Lodigiano brand mark is to qualify, protect and promote the local produce. The two main supply chains are the dairy supply chain and the beef and pork meat supply chain.

Lodigiano, high-quality milk
Because of the strict production guidelines, the milk produced in the province of Lodi was the first to be awarded a controlled and guaranteed designation of origin (DOGS). Regulations concern not only the production, but also the packaging and sale of the dairy products of the area, as well as microbiological, chemical and organoleptic properties of the milk, which is consumed with no temperature processing. In order for milk to be branded the Lodigiano mark, at least 50% of the fodder given to the cows must be self-produced, and the remaining share must be supplied from no other territory than the province of Lodi. Fresh milk emphasises the merit of good farming practices, high-quality fodder and high nutritional values, especially protein and fat. The whole production must occur in impeccable hygienic conditions.

Lodigiano’s cheese jewels: Pannerone and Raspadüra
Pannerone has been a Slow-Food Presidium since 2003. It is made with whole, cream-rich cheese, with no salt added. Pannerone cheese wheels are 20cm high, with a 25-30cm diameter, and weigh 12-13kg. The rind is thin, smooth and pink-hued, straw-yellow-coloured. The paste is cream-white, soft, fragrant and with small eyes. Its taste is mild and buttery, never too spicy or sour, with a distinctive slightly bitter finale. Another cheese branded “Lodigiano Terra Buona” is the Raspadüra “Granone” Type, a semi-fat, hard granular, long-aged cheese, which is particularly suitable for raspadüra, obtained by thinly shaving the cheese.

Lodi’s traditional Pannerone cheese.Lodi’s traditional Raspadüra cheese.

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